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Division of Information Support

■ Reducing the gap of digital accessibility between students with disabilities and non-disabilities
The Division of Information Support manages e-learning for students with disabilities to enhance their information oriented activities and guarantee equal opportunity.
  • 1. Support for improvement of digital accessibility in special education
    • • Digital learning support for students with disabilities
    •   - Develop E-books to support improved learning outcomes for students with disabilities (4 kinds)
    •   - Manage websites about supports for teaching & learning for students with disabilities and teachers. (1)
    •   - Develop assistive technology devices for students with disabilities (1)
    •   - Survey on the trend of digital support and learning in special education (1)
    •   - Develop alternative materials and contents for students and teachers with visual impairments (320 volumes)
    •   - Produce braille translation book about learning materials published by the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) (100 volumes)
    •   - Organize photo & UCC contests and exhibitions - Topic: Understanding Disability (3 times a year)
    • • Host Nationwide E-festival for students with disabilities
    •   - Organize Nationwide Information competition for students with disabilities
    •   - Organize Nationwide E-sports competition for students with disabilities
    •   - Organize the National Special Education Digital Information Conference
    •   - Organize cultural events for experiencing assistive technology and E-Sports
    •   - Survey on the outcome of Nationwide E-festival for students with disabilities
  • 2. Collaborative work plans of Related Organizations
    • • Related Organizations
    •   - 2017 Nationwide E-festival for students with disabilities: Korea Creative Content Agency, Netmarble Games Corp.
    •   - Install spaces for game-cultural experiences for students with disabilities: Netmarble Games Corp.
    •   - Support students with disabilities to use assistive technology: NCSOFT Corp.
    •   - Establish a system to share accessible materials for individuals with visual impairments: National Library for Individuals with Disabilities
  • 3. Support for Academic Information & Data Processing
    • • Develop a database for academic information and provide accesses to original texts (25,000 volumes)
    • • Cooperate services for academic information between National/local libraries (e.g., National Library of Korea, National Assembly Library)