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We will practice empathy with warm heart to change the world.

Eun Suk Kim, General Director of National Institute of Special Education (NISE)


I am Eun Suk Kim, General Director of NISE.

Thank you for visiting the webpage of NISE.

In recent years, there have been more emphasis on the responsibility for special education,

and the education is in the progress to revive hope of the education through the support provided according to life stages of individuals with disabilities.

Since its establishment in 1994, NISE has executed various studies, Im-Service training and the informatization project, and has continuously increased supports for special education encompassing the recent development of curriculum and textbooks, career path, human right protection, supports for higher and lifelong education for individuals with disabilities.

In the days ahead, I and the staff of NISE will live up to the expectation and aspiration of the public in terms of special education, and make all our efforts to realize our mission of expanding access to education for individuals with disabilities

We will always listen to the voices of those involved in special education, and become NISE which practices empathy with warm heart to change the world by constantly communicating the field of education.

Thank you.